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Gerrit van der Veenstraat 51hs, 1077 DP Amsterdam


+31 (0)6 222 11 777

Support at critical moments in your career. Coaching and training is the answer.

Having been a manager in the academic world for many years I have seen how important it is to receive support at critical moments in your career.  I am an emeritus professor of linguistics from the University of Amsterdam. I am British but have worked in Germany and The Netherlands as well as the UK. From my diverse work contexts I have considerable management experience, in particular as director of a large research institute. I have built up considerable expertise in the coaching and training of both groups and individuals, also in multilingual multicultural situations. Personally I had to learn to combine a professional career with the raising of a large family, which has given me insight into the issues involved.

I have been giving coaching and training since 2000 - in the academic setting, but also in the business world.


KvK number: 61123862

BTW number: 12406143B01

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